COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) advice

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has evolved rapidly since first being detected in Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China in December 2019 and has now become a public health emergency of international concern.

Much is happening across the world to contain its spread, including here in Malaysia and Sarawak, and the situation is still extremely fluid. Curtin Malaysia continues to follow Malaysian Federal Government and Sarawak State Government advice to protect the health and safety of our community.

This page provides key information and advice for the Curtin Malaysia community and other stakeholders. We encourage you to check this page frequently for updated information.

Updated 12 February 2020

Key points and government advice

Key points for the Curtin Malaysia community are:

Visitors from/to China

  • Malaysia has temporarily suspended issuance of visas to Chinese citizens from Wuhan city and Hubei province and surrounding areas. It includes visa-free entry (eNTRY), visa-on-arrival, electronic visa and manual visas.
  • The Ministry of Health is advising people who have been to China to undergo self-quarantine at home for 14 days or seek medical consultation at the nearest government hospital if they develop symptoms such as coughing and fever.
  • The Ministry of Health is collaborating with educational institutions to identify their students and staff who have travelled to China and returning to Malaysia. They will be required to undergo home quarantine and issued Health Alert Cards (HAC) and Home Assessment Tools (HAT) for self-monitoring. The Ministry will inform the nearest District Health Office to brief them and refer any who show any symptoms of the coronavirus to the nearest designated hospital.
  • The Ministry of Education has advised educational institutions of the following:
    • Recruitment of students from infected regions in China is to be suspended until further notice. Students from other regions of China are not affected by the ban but are to be closely monitored by the institutions.
    • The institutions are to advise students travelling from China not to proceed to Malaysia if they show symptoms of the novel coronavirus during exit screening at their points of departure.
    • All students arriving from China are required to undergo health checks at points of entry into Malaysia. They will be advised to undergo home quarantine for 14 days and adhere to all procedures set by the Ministry of Health.
    • Institutions are to monitor the health status of all their staff and students who have travelled to China.
  • The Ministry of Health advises members of the public to postpone any travel to China, and maintain good personal hygiene such as washing hands frequently and getting immediate medical treatment if they fall sick (especially if they have symptoms such as fever, cough and having trouble breathing) within 14 days of returning from any visit China. They are to provide their travel history to doctors attending to them. All medical practitioners, whether from government or private health facilities, are to report all such cases to the Ministry of Health.
  • The Sarawak State Government has advised that all foreigners irrespective of nationalities who have been to China in the past 14 days will be refused entry to the state.
  • All Malaysians who are non-residents of Sarawak who have been to China in the last 14 days are strongly advised not to visit Sarawak until their 14 days home quarantine have been fully completed and they are not found to have been infected with the novel coronavirus.
  • All Sarawakians and holders of Sarawakian PR, Work and Student Visas who have been to China in the last 14 days must undergo home quarantine for 14 days. They will be subject to random monitoring by the relevant authorities.
  • All visitors or passengers travelling into Sarawak either by air, land or sea must fill in a Health Declaration Form which will be provided on arrival or while onboard the aircraft, vessels or transport. Duly completed forms are to be submitted to the Immigration Officer at point of entry together with travelling documents. Those who fail to submit the form or provide false information are liable to prosecution.

Visitors from/to Singapore

  • The Sarawak State Government is concerned that Singapore has raised its novel coronavirus outbreak alert to orange with the increase of detected cases in the island republic and is monitoring the entry of Singaporean visitors. However, the State Disaster Management Committee has announced that all visitors coming in and on transit from Singapore (including Sarawakians) need not undergo self quarantine but are strongly advised to adhere to the following precautionary measures guidelines stipulated by the Sarawak Health Department:
    • To remain at home and minimise their times spent in public places.
    • To remain vigilant and practice good personal hygiene such as washing their hands regularly and avoid touching their face.
    • To avoid shaking hands or physical contact with others and consider adopting alternative greetings.


  • Visitors (including Sarawakians) who fall sick during their visit must seek immediate medical treatment from designated government hospitals. These hospitals can be reached at their hotlines: 082-443248 (Crisis Preparedness and Response Center, Sarawak), 082-276666 (Kuching Hospital), 085-420033 (Miri Hospital), 086-255899 (Bintulu Hospital) and 084-343333 (Sibu Hospital).
  • The State Disaster Management Committee strongly advises the public to avoid visiting Covid-19 affected countries unless absolutely necessary. Those who are visiting these areas are to practice strict good personal hygiene and avoid crowded places.
  • Individuals who are unwell are advised to avoid attending any gathering, meeting, conference or large events. Any staff or participants who fall sick or feel unwell during any event are to leave immediately and to seek appropriate medical attention.

More updates on the situation in Malaysia can be found on the Malaysian Ministry of Health Malaysia* website.

Note:*This site is in Bahasa Malaysia. To view in English, right-click on the screen and select ‘Translate to English’.

Updates and enquiries

Curtin Malaysia is supporting staff and students affected by the travel bans or who must undergo self-quarantine.

We understand that members of the Curtin Malaysia community are concerned about this situation. Our Critical Incident Group chaired by Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Leunig includes expertise from across the campus. The Group is monitoring the situation and the advice from Government as part of developing Curtin Malaysia’s response to the novel coronavirus. We will continue to update staff and students as new information becomes available, and take actions to protect the health and wellbeing of our community.

Learn more about Novel Coronavirus

The following sites provide up-to-date information about the Novel Coronavirus:

More information

Call our Security Hotlines at 085-630081 or 085-630082 if you need urgent help.

Contact our Health Centre at 085-630100 ext. 2782 / 2383 for medical advice or assistance.

For assistance from our Student Services Department or International Division, contact 085-630100 ext. 2569 / 2565 or email or, respectively.

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