Carnival Notice


The ongoing works, though not affecting everyday operations, would however affect the availability of the venues for the Carnival and thus conditions would not be conducive for a large-scale public event as planned.

Meanwhile, the ‘Mr & Miss Curtin’ competition for Curtin Malaysia students that was to be held in conjunction with the Carnival will proceed in the university’s auditorium on 21 September, from 5.00 pm onwards.

Besides the revitalisation and maintenance works that would give selected campus buildings more contemporary facelifts and structural enhancements, Curtin Malaysia has embarked on a multi-million ringgit campus expansion programme with the building of a new cafeteria and engineering research laboratory already underway.

Construction of additional buildings, including a huge facility supporting learning excellence, student learning activities and student recreation, as well as further on-campus student accommodation, are expected to commence in the coming months.

Ultimately, and including the new Curtin Trading Room (a facility for simulated financial trading) and Bio Technology Pilot Plant added this year, the university will not only enhance its already impressive facilities, but also the delivery of innovative education, and the overall learning environment and experience for students.

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