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Immigration Charges

Other than university fees and tuition fees, all international students are required to pay for immigration charges as and when required. Following are some of the charges imposed by the Malaysia Immigration Department:

RM 60.00

Student Pass

Student Pass is a legitimate and valid document which allows the student to study and complete their course with the University uninterrupted It is recognized by the endorsement given in his or her passport while the student is studying in an educational institution in Malaysia.

RM 100.00

Special Pass

A special pass is a temporary pass issued for a month or less. It is used to extend a student’s pass during student pass application period in case of delays in the application process or if the student submits the application late.

Please refer MEV charges

Multiple Entry Visa ( MEV)

International students, who have student passes, will be given a Multiple Entry Visa. With this visa, students will be allowed to go in and out of Malaysia for the duration of their Student Passes is valid. The charges vary from country to country accordingly and do not exceed RM100.00

Please refer to International Division

Personal Bond Deposit

A refundable deposit charges by the Immigration Departments, which is held by the institution on behalf of the Department. This charge is dependent on the country the student comes from; as the purpose of it is to cover expenses incurred by Curtin University Sarawak Campus in sending the student back should the student have to be deported.

The above fees are published by the Sarawak Immigration Department and may be subject to change.