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Airport Reception Service

Airport Reception Service for Semester One 2015 will be available for arrivals from 16th February 2015 to 12th April 2015. Airport Reception is only provided during peak admission periods prior to semester commencement.

The University provides an airport reception service for international students who are commencing their first semester at Curtin Sarawak Malaysia. This service is offered to students who have made accommodation booking arrangements with Housing Services.  We do not transfer students to private accommodation or hotels.  As conditions apply to the airport reception service, please contact our office at to confirm if this service is available to you.

You will need to book your own accommodation if your accommodation on campus has not been arranged or confirmed. Please ensure that you have all evidence of your confirmed accommodation bookings with our Housing Services before your departure to avoid disappointment.

Please visit the International Students website for airport reception arrangements.

How do I book the airport reception service?
To use the airport reception service, please complete our online Airport Reception Service form once your travel details are finalized. Confirm your flight number, arrival time and accommodation details before completing the form. Your application will not be processed without these details.

  • Complete all sections of the form and submit a minimum of five working days prior to departure.
  • You must provide confirmation of your accommodation on the form in order to receive this service.
  • No requests will be processed on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. Please check our observed public holidays here. Any Airport Reception Booking Forms sent on these days will be processed the next working day during business hours.

Bringing a Spouse, Dependant or Family Member
The Airport Reception Service is also available for student’s accompanying guest. If you will be arriving with accompanying guests, please fill in the particulars of your guests in the ARS form. Please be advised that our transport service will only provide one-way trip to a Curtin accommodation. A separate arrangement has to be made from the Curtin accommodation to their hotel. Our reception service does not include hotel transfers. You have to make your own arrangement at the airport for transfer to your hotel.

Suggested hotels in Miri:

What If My Flight Detail Change?
If this happens, you must notify us immediately and at least three working days before your scheduled departure date to Miri. Please email your new flight details to or call the International Division at 085-443939. We do not guarantee that our transport service is available for last minute changes; in the event of unavailability of our transport, you need to make your own transport arrangement at the airport to campus.

How do I identify the Curtin representative at the airport?
Our representative will be carrying a Curtin sign. It is important that you look for this sign so our representative can identify you.


** If accomodation fee has not been settled, student will be checked in to Boulevard Inn at their own cost.

** The airport reception service is only available to New Curtin students and accompanying members.

** The Curtin Transport will only drop students off at Curtin Village bus stop, Curtin Villa bus stop, Curtin Water bus stop and Curtin main campus.