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Q: How do I know if I meet your entry requirements?
A: You may find information about our minimum admission requirements for Bachelor degree programs & Foundation & Continuing programs respectively at our website. If you are not able to match your qualifications to those mentioned in the list, you need to submit

your relevant certificates & transcripts together with Application for Admission to us for assessment. Conditional Offer may be issued if

your final exam results are pending release.


Q: What is your minimum requirement for English Language?
A: As all courses are conducted in English, we require that applicants demonstrate competence in English to meet minimum requirements at different levels of studies. Should you not meeting the minimum English language requirement, you may undertake the Intensive English Program (IEP) to improve your English proficiency before joining the courses (subject to you meeting the test score).


Q: I wish to apply for Advance Standing/Exemption/Credit Transfer. How do I go about it?
A: Credits toward a Curtin qualification may be granted to applicants with qualifications from other accredited educational institutions, including polytechnics and universities. You need to complete the Advance Standing Form and submit this together with copies of examination results/ transcripts and course syllabus to the Registrar's Office.


Q: Now I have decided to submit my application to you. How do I start?
A: Congratulations for having chosen Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak, Malaysia. To make it easier for you to complete the application process, we have provided a step-by-step "How To Apply" guide online. A special note to highlight: the application &

acceptance due dates must be strictly adhered to, in order to ensure that you are able to commence your studies on time.


Q: I have missed the Application/Acceptance due dates. Can I apply for deferment?
A: Yes you may. You will need to notify by writing to The Registrar about your reasons of not being able to meet the deadlines. Should your application to defer becomes successful, a new Letter of Offer indicating the next available course commencement date will be issued to you.





Q: May I arrive in Malaysia under Social Visit visa for initial entry and later convert to Student Pass visa?
A: Yes if you are from certain Commonwealth countries (For more information, please see Student Pass Application Policy & Procedure).

In some cases you will be required to pay for Journey Performed Visa before your Social Visit visa is converted to Student Pass visa.

All other nationalities MUST apply through The University for a Student Pass Approval Letter, PRIOR to arriving in Malaysia. In the event that you enter Malaysia under Social Visit visa & that you are not allowed to convert to Student Pass visa, you will be required to leave Malaysia before coming in again under proper Single Entry Visa (with reference to Student Pass approval) issued by Malaysian Embassy / High Commission.


Q: How long does Student Pass application take?
A: Malaysian Immigration normally take 4 - 6 weeks (or more during peak period) to process Student Pass applications. Due to the time consuming process in Student Pass application, applicants are advised to ensure that their documents are complete at the point of application, and to strictly adhere to stipulated Acceptance of Offer & payment due dates to avoid delay.


Q: What if I have a valid Student Pass from prior study in Malaysia?
A: Provided that your current Student Pass has at least SIX weeks from expiry, you may withdraw from your current institution & to proceed with visa curtailment by the institution. Upon curtailment of visa, you are normally given a special pass to allow certain time for you to

transfer to Curtin (the maximum is up to your initial Student Pass’ expiry). You MUST request your current institution to provide Curtin a "Release Letter" upon curtailment of your current Student Pass, in order for us to commence application for a new / substituting Student Pass for you.


Q: What tests will I undergo for Medical Clearance?
A: The preliminary medical check-up in your own country is to determine whether you are clear from contagious / communicable / dreaded diseases. The check-up must be done at either Government hospitals or at specialist institutions recognized by the Government.

Your doctor will decide what are the tests to be carried out in order for him/her to make recommendation. Upon your arrival, The University will arrange for you to undergo a more thorough medical check-up at local specialist institution, of which will involve blood and urine tests, and chest x-ray.






Q: Do I need to subscribe to Health Insurance prior to arriving in Malaysia?
A: For the benefits of our international students, The University has made it MANDATORY for international students to be insured under Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS) insurance arranged by The University. The annual premium & entitlement benefits are of reasonable amount. GHS members are given a Healthcare card each, to serve as a guarantee of payment to the hospitals in case of emergency.


Q: How much is the tuition fee? Will I get any refund if I withdraw?
A: You may find out more at "Course Fee & Other Fees". The University has a set of own policy in making refund to new and re-enrolling students. Please see "Refund Policy" for more information.


Q: Am I allowed to work part-time in Malaysia to subsidize my course fees &  living expenses?
A: Malaysian Immigration allows foreign students to work part-time in Malaysia (on case-to-case basis), with the following conditions:


  1. 1. such employment is only during semester break or public holiday that is more that 7 days;
  2. 2. you do not work more that 20 hours a week;
  3. 3. you are only allowed to work in any of these places: hotel, petrol station, mini-mart, and restaurant;
  4. 4. applications must be made to Malaysian Immigration Headquarters in person and with one representative from The University
  5. (travel cost to be borne by the student);
  6. 5. prior approval is obtained from Malaysian Immigration

For your further information, the hourly wage for part-time employment in Malaysia is minimal (and that you are subject to conditions

1 & 2 mentioned above). As such, The University strongly advises that international students prepare sufficient funds from their home

country & do not rely on part-time employment in Malaysia for course and living expenses.


Q: Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?
A: Currently there are very limited scholarship or financial aid available for international students. For more information about scholarship and financial aid, please visit Curtin website. The University rewards students who are academically excellent or being active in community services by giving out special awards. International students are eligible for these awards. However the awards are subject to availability, and are highly competitive.


Q: Can I complete my entire course at Sarawak Campus? Can I transfer to your main campus in Perth after I have completed 1 semester at Sarawak campus?
A: The wide range of engineering, business and other courses currently available on the Sarawak campus are the same as the courses offered at the University's main campus in Perth. Our students are therefore able to complete their entire course without having to move to Perth main campus. However, should our student decide to experience a different culture & living in Perth by transferring their remaining studies there, International Office will offer a one-stop service. For more information, please see "Transfer to Perth".


Q: I have never been to Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia. Will there be anyone receiving me at airport?
A: We understand the anxieties involved when it comes to traveling to a foreign country for the first time. To ease your mind on your

journey to Miri, we provide Airport Reception Service (ARS) at no extra cost. All you need to do is to fill up the ARS Form at least 3 working days prior to your arrival, our representative will meet you at Miri Airport and transfer you to your University Accommodation (if you have already been offered a place).


Q: What are the choices of on-campus accommodation? Can I live off-campus?
A: The on-campus / University Accommodation currently has on it's list: Lakeside Apartment, Curtin Village, and Curtin Villa. For more information about each of these accommodations, please see:


To apply for University Accommodation, you need to complete the booking form and submit to Housing Services by due date.

All international students are advised to live on-campus for a minimum of 1 year before moving to off-campus accommodation, to get themselves more familiar with the environment. It is COMPULSORY for China students to live on-campus for a minimum 1 year.


Q: Do I need to attend Orientation Week? If yes, when should I arrive at the campus?
A: The University requires compulsory attendance during Orientation Week. The Orientation programmes are specially designed by the Student Services staff members & the Student Council, aiming to help new students to get to know the staff (administration & academics), the facilities, and fellow course-mates. The entire experience during the Orientation Week is to give you a good start to your higher education.

The Orientation Week normally begins with Registration. The date & time are indicated on your Letter of Offer.