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Curtin University
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Apply now. Find out how

Curtin University

Accommodation Comparison

Site/ Location Lakeside Apartment I Lakeside Apartment II Curtin Village Curtin Villa Curtin Water
Room Type Dormitory Flat
Apartment Type Semi - detached Houses Terrace - type Houses Double Storey Terrace Type
No. of Beds Available 230 72 144 252 204


Common Areas

Utilities Allowance RM50/months RM50/months RM50/months RM37.50/months RM50/months
Internet Access Free internet for academic purposes is available by sharing the University internet facility. Internet available at own cost.
Kitchen Facilities (Refrigerator & Cooking Stove)
Laundry Facilities Coin Operated Coin Operated Token Operated Token Operated Free
Self Catering
Parking Free Free Degree/ Foundation/ Diploma : RM125
IEP : RM90
Shuttle Service