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Curtin University

Curtin University

Late Payment, Penalties and Sanctions

Late payment penalty will be imposed by the University for payment received after the fee payment due date.

Important: If you are sending your cheque / bankdraft via post or courier, you must ensure the payment is received by the Cashier's Office before payment due date.

Penalty charge will be incurred on:

Returned cheques, due to technical error : RM10.00

SANCTIONS will be applied to your student account when there are outstanding fees or charges. If you have a sanction on your account you will not be able to register for classes and re-enrolling, and access to academic and administrative services may be barred.

The sanction will also prevent access to results and academic transcripts, attendance to graduation ceremony and issuing of awards. If you are enrolled as an international student, your student visa may also be at risk.

Once the fees or charges have been paid the sanction will be removed.