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Curtin University of Technology
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Timetable for Classes

The University class timetable is a schedule of all Units related activities for a particular Study Period.

Semester 1, 2015 Classes Timetable is available here.

Important: Foundation students please read this before you check your timetable.

The class timetable is subject to change throughout the semester, so you should check regularly for any updates. Any changes requested by the school during the teaching week will only be reflected on the following teaching week.


To search for your class timetable:

1. Please click the “Here” link
2. Select the units
3. Select the relevant Timetable Period
4. Select the type of report
5. Select view Timetable

Adjustments to the Final Timetable during Teaching Week

Adjustments to the Final Timetable during teaching week can have a ripple effect as a change requested to one item may require changes to numerous other items in order to accommodate it. As such, adjustments to the Final Timetable will be kept to a minimum.

Changes to the Final Timetable will only be considered if:

  • Student enrolment numbers exceeded the capacity of the allocated venue
  • A unit is no longer deemed viable to run
  • The allocated venue does not have the required facilities to run the unit
  • There is an unexpected staff turnover
  • The location has safety or health hazard
  • There is a need to accommodate reasonable adjustments for students with a disability or medical condition.