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Msc Malaysia Incubator Initiative Project in Curtin University Sarawak sets to nurture a new generation of Entrepreneurs


Monday 28 July 2008 -

Entrepreneurs can bring with them innovation, employment, and national competitiveness. In response to these challenges, MSC Malaysia launched the Incubator Initiative aimed at cultivating ICT-enabled entrepreneurship among Curtin Sarawak students.



The main objectives of the program are to "capture and cluster" technopreneurs nationwide and to spawn and nurture a critical mass of technopreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-up companies involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and biotechnology industries.


The National Incubator Network will also will comprise an unique "community" where incubators throughout the country will be part of a network-sharing and providing opportunities for new ventures, knowledge and expertise on a common platform.


Attending the meeting, YB Lee Kim Shin, said “We believe that Curtin University is the natural choice to partner with MSC to setup an incubator in Miri. With the wide range of skills and talents of students, reputable name and its MSC-status; it is able to setup an incubator that benefits the community”.


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