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Definition of Alumni

Alumni (noun, plural), alumnus (noun), Alumna (fem.) Alumnae (pl. fem.) Former pupils or students, from alere, Latin, to nourish.
Webster's 1913 Dictionary

'Alumni' is a generic term that describes all those who have spent some time studying at a particular institution. At Curtin, we've officially defined Alumni to be "individuals who have been granted a degree or other qualification approved by the Academic Senate of the University, or its antecedent institutions, including those individuals awarded honorary doctorate degrees."

But 'alumni' is more than just a definition - it's not only a part of your history, but also of who you are today. For us your relationship with this institution didn't end with your graduation; indeed, this milestone event is simply a transition in a lifetime relationship with the university. Curtin Alumni - as part of this very special family, we value your continued interest, interaction, and involvement in the life of your University.