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Curtin University

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CV! Exco 2012/13 Taglines

Presidential Division
Working together with the Executive Committee and members of CV! in becoming the most recognised and outstanding volunteers organisation in Sarawak.
1. To bring an impact towards the community and a significant change to the society through community service.
2. To have better networking with other associations, NGO’s and the society.

Antonina Clementina Chai tagline: "Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that have received- only what you have given.”
Rachel Chuo Chung Ee tagline : "Serve with the Heart.”

Secretariat Division
"We hope that we can get students to experience in serving in the community with true care and love!"
-  To record meeting minutes of every Exco's meetings.
- Make sure all the documents are kept properly.
Thien Ching Mei tagline: "I can, therefore I am."
Ansovina Valentina Chai tagline : "Live Life to the Max at CV!."

Treasury Division
- To keep a good track of CV! financial record.
- To ensure accountable for good records of account.
- To handle the flow of CV! fund with diligence and care.
- Be credible in managing budget for CV! event.
- Responsible in controlling CV! income and expenses.
- Maximum profit with minimum cost.
- Integrity and transparency
- Effectiveness and efficiency
- Be the best and make a difference.
Leslie: Don’t go through life, grow through life
Leong Yiing:  All I need is your faith in me.

Community Service Division
- To create a harmonic community. 
- To lend a helping hand for the ones in need.
- To empower the staffs and students to be socially responsible, self-reliant and God-fearing.

- To reach out and promote the ethics of serving the community 
- To inspire volunteers to love, care, serve and share.
- To foster a supportive community environment through volunteerism in various community services

Nicole's Tagline: Happiness never decreases by being shared.
Jean's Tagline:we can do no great things, only small things with great love

AL Division
-Expanding The Volunteering Front Line As We Go

- To make sure that the member database is up to date.
- To keep track of all the events that is organised by Curtin Volunteers!
- To decorate and design CV! notice board and post upcoming events.
- To send our emails from event OC's and other relevant external organisation.
- To keep full records of CV!’s property by making sure that the inventory is updated by time to time.

Regine Tagline: "Be the best of the best."
Tze Mun Tagline: "You never know when you will stop."

SRA Division
-  To hold all CV! members together as one whole family.
- To enable new students in Curtin to feel being home.

-  To update and create traffic to CV! group page. 
-  To hold interesting activities to get CV! members spend time together.
-  To update members about activities through network communication.

 Whei yi:You are never being left alone in this family.
Kaylie: Never fail living, Never forget laughing, Never stop loving.

PA Division
To have a strong and healthy team in CV! ExCo board and getting better feedbacks from the upcoming orientation programme.

- To build and enhance strong personality and individuality among Curtin Students and Staffs
- To encourage and promote tolerance of Curtin Students and Staff whilst improving one's self-esteem, motivation and creativity
- To be a platform of self-development and advancement for individual integrity in all aspects among Curtin Students and Staffs

Jude:“Don't judge yourself before knowing your abilities, let us expand it for you and make you Legendary”
Jeffrey: “Be different to make a difference”