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Applying advertised jobs

A job you want has been advertised - and you're going to go for it! How do you put together an application for an advertised job? How do you target it to the employer's needs so you have a better chance of getting an interview?

The selection process
For most advertised graduate positions you have to go through a selection process. This process depends on how the employer recruits the best applicants, and may include a range of selection techniques.

In all selection processes, you first submit a job application. This application is the most important part of the process because it determines whether or not you get an interview - and a chance at the job.

What's in your application
An application for an advertised job contains:
• a cover letter
• your resume and/or application form
• if requested a copy of your academic transcript

Targeting your application
Different employers have different application requirements. Targeting your application to meet the employer's requirements will make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. The most important thing is that you give the employer exactly the information they ask for.

Find out about selection criteria
Find out what selection criteria the employer will be using to select applicants and how well you meet these criteria. Selection criteria are usually provided in a job package that you can obtain from the employer or recruitment agency.

Do some research
If there are no selection criteria, do some research on the organisation or speak to the contact person to find out what they're looking for. If you're unable to find out anything about the organisation, be clear about the skills and attributes that you have to offer. Think about the reasons you're interested in working for the organisation before you approach them about selection criteria for the job. Your reasons might be something like this:
Your skills, experience and qualities match those needed by the company.
You have a genuine interest in the type of work the company does, or in working with their client group
The company offers a flexible working environment and is responsive to employee needs.