Teaching and Learning Open Forum 2009



Welcome Note from the Pro Vice-Chancellor

Welcome to the inaugural Curtin Teaching and Learning Open Forum 2009, “Engaging Learners”. Curtin Sarawak is proud to host this event which showcases the intellectual engagement of some of the best minds in education.

The core business of Curtin Sarawak is indeed Teaching and Learning. A sound teaching and learning foundation provides a strong impetus to the development of knowledge acquisition, enhancement of professional skills, attainment of graduate attributes and advancement in technological design.

  Pro Vice-Chancellor

As such, an extensive percentage of Curtin’s activities centers on the development of teaching and learning. In line with this, it is only fitting that the university takes another step forward in extending its teaching and learning network by organizing this inaugural Teaching and Learning Open Forum. This is a move long overdue.

We hope the forum serves as an effective stage that brings together a meaningful exchange of intellectual discourse amongst the academia. Having in-depth discussions that spark further fruitful teaching and learning development is the aim of this forum. The objective is that the positive outcome of these academic exchanges will be channeled towards the cultivation of improved teaching and learning practices which will have a direct, productive impact on our students.  

Professor Dr. John Evans
Curtin University of Technology,
Sarawak, Malaysia


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