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Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project (CSTIP)


Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project [CSTIP] scheme is a seed fund aimed at encouraging staff at Curtin Sarawak Malaysia to initiate Strategic Initiatives for teaching and learning. In particular, the fund intends to support academic staff to develop initiatives that enhance Curtin Sarawak Malaysia teaching and learning priorities. 

Project Coordinators
To be eligible to apply for funding under the CSTIP scheme, applicants must:-

  • • be a full time academic staff of Curtin Sarawak Malaysia;
  • • have sufficient tenure at Curtin to allow completion of their projects.

Priority will be given to first time applications of project coordinators.

Team Members
Applications may include one or more Team Members. Typically, a Team Member would:
• commit less time to the project than is required for a Project Coordinator, and/or
• provide expertise on limited aspects of the project; and/or
• provide a specific skill essential to the project.
Team Members are not considered to be applicants or grantees under the Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project scheme. A staff member can be Team Member in more than one innovation project.

Curtin Sarawak Teaching Innovation Project can be used to fund individual projects up to a value of RM 2,000. Grants are available in all disciplines. Expenditure is not permitted in respect of:
• Expensive, non project-specific equipment (eg: computers, camera);
• Time release (other than that provided by the School/Department).
All expenditures must comply with the procedures and norms of Curtin Sarawak. The budget must be checked by the applicant to ensure that appropriate costing on all budgeted items is confirmed. Applicants must provide a justification statement for all budget items requested.

Independently of the full duration of a project, requests for funding that have been approved for budget of CSTIP are allocated in their totality to this same budget. Funds that have been allocated in the budget of CSTIP but not spent by 31st December in the following year will remain allocated and be carried over to the budget of CSTIP for the following year.

The applicant must certify that, to the best of his/her knowledge:
• All the details in the application are true and complete;
• The applicant satisfies the criteria of eligibility outlined above;
• The applicant is able to commit the time specified in the application to ensure that the projected outcomes are realised;
• If successful, the applicant will accept the Conditions of Award relating to the CSTIP scheme as outlined in these guidelines;
• The applicant has sought all relevant clearances for the innovation project; and
• The applicant will conduct the project in accordance with CSM's Ethics, Occupational, Health and Safety Regulations.

Where relevant, all project proposals should have the approval of the Ethics Committee of Curtin Sarawak. Funds will not be released until copies of the appropriate clearances are received by the Office of The Learning Centre. As per the Curtin University policy, all project data must be retained by the Project Coordinator for a minimum period of five years after completion of the research.


A complete application package consists of the following:


To be submitted to:


Original CSTIP Application Form (includes Project Summary, Project Proposal, Curriculum Vitae and certification signed by applicant. Project Proposal includes Project Goals, Project Outcomes, Project Activities, Project Impact, Project Timeline, Project Budget and Project Team).

Chairperson of CSM Teaching and Learning Committee


Softcopy of CSTIP Application

Chairperson of CSM Teaching and Learning Committee.

Table 1: Complete Application Package
The complete application package can be lodged with the respective persons throughout the year.

Project proposals will go through screening process within Curtin Sarawak Malaysia, including ethics approval (if relevant).

After successful screening by the CSM Teaching and Learning Committee, the Dean of the Learning Centre will sign off the proposal, and forward it to the DPVC office for final approval.

Although the identity of the referee(s) will be kept anonymous, the author of an innovation project is entitled to know the full content of a referee's feedback. 

Primary and Other Assessment Criteria
The primary criteria used for the assessment of applications are:
• the quality of the proposed project; and
• the quality of the project team, viz. track record.

Quality of the proposed project
In assessing the quality of the project proposal, the assessor should take particular account of:
• the soundness of the planning and methodology;
• the originality of the project;
• the implications for improving teaching and learning outcomes; and
• the scope of the project.
Quality of the project team
In assessing the quality of the project team, consideration will be given to the applicant's track record, covering their recent achievements, publications and other outputs, relative to opportunities.

The potential of the Project Coordinator to receive further external/internal funding will also be taken into consideration.

The decision regarding the approval of a project and the sum allocated will be based on:
• CSTIP application form;
• Certification by applicant;
• Certification by Dean of School;
• Referee report(s);
• Ethics Clearance (if applicable); and
• Availability of funds.
Successful applicant will be given written notification of the decision by the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Curtin Sarawak.

Grantees will be responsible for the conduct of projects and correct expenditure of funds. The Project Coordinator must submit interim progress reports as requested by the Learning Centre office. A final report outlining Synopsis, Summary of Outcomes, Reflections, Project Materials, budgetary expenditure, publications and/or presentations, must be submitted to the Learning Centre office after completion of the innovation project.

The Project Coordinator will be asked to verify that the budget support was provided by the School/Department.

Ownership rights of products or processes resulting from innovation project conducted at Curtin Sarawak Malaysia are as provided under the "Ownership of Intellectual Property" document of Curtin Perth, and under the protection of the relevant Malaysian copyright and intellectual property laws.

Applications are due for submission on 15 October every year and notification of approval by 30 October the same year. (For 2009, closing date of applications is extended to 15th November 2009)

Funds will be available for use from 1 November, in the year of approval up to 31 October the following year. (For 2009, the use of funds will be from 1st December 2009 to 30th November 2010)