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Curtin University

Curtin University

Academic policies

1. Conscientious Objection Policy and Procedures (Bentley)
2. Inclusive Language Procedures (Bentley)

3. Admission and Enrolment Manual (Bentley)

4. Assessment and Student Progression Manual (Bentley)
5. Plagiarism Policy and Procedures (Bentley)
6.  Procedures for Assessment, Moderation, Board of Exams and Decisions on Academic Status following    Supplementary Exams (Foundation Studies)

Award and Graduation
7. Supplementary Statement of Achievement Policy (Bentley)

8. Course Approval and Quality Manual (Bentley)

9. CSM Classroom Observation Policy
10. CSM Teaching and Learning Operational Priorities 2013
Teaching and Learning Induction Policy and Procedure at Curtin Sarawak

11. Fieldwork Education Policy and Procedures (Bentley)

12. Curtin Academic Standards - A Guide
13. Curtin Academic Standards Policy
14. Standard Procedure for Students on Conditional Status
15. Standard Procedure for Staff – Student Consultation Hours

Units and timetabling
16. Classrooms- Maximum Student Numbers Policy and Procedures (Bentley)
17. CSM Timetabling and Class Times Policy