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CSM Teaching and Learning Committee


The Curtin Sarawak Malaysia Teaching and Learning Committee (CSM T&L Committee) will be responsible to and report to the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor, Curtin Sarawak Malaysia.


Terms of Reference
- To act as an advisory body in the development and review of Curtin Sarawak Malaysia’s T&L Plan and through this enhance both the    national and international effectiveness of Teaching and Learning at CSM within the context of the University’s Strategic Plan.
- To promote and oversee the development and implementation of CSM’s T&L Plan.
- To develop and review the guidelines and policies for Teaching and Learning activities within CSM.
- To promote and encourage individual and collaborative Teaching and Learning activities involving staff and students in Curtin Sarawak    Malaysia and Curtin, Perth.
- To act as a channel of communication between the CSM School T&L Committees, CSM T&L Committee and the Teaching and Learning    Committee, of Curtin, Perth.
- To encourage CSM staff to complete higher degrees and to become involved in teaching and learning research activities.
- To consider any other item that is referred to the Committee.


Committee Structure
The CSM T & L Committee is composed of a maximum of eight elected members and at least two ex-officio members. It has the option to co-opt other members as appropriate. Each School and the Student Council determine the procedures for the nomination and election of the members of the CSM T&L Committee. Membership is for 1 year.
The Chair of the CSM T&L Committee will be nominated by the Committee at the first meeting following the elections and the recommendation forwarded to the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor for approval.


Ex Officio:

Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor
Dean of The Learning Centre
Manager of University Life
Other ex-officio members, as appropriate.

Up to eight members of the Academic Staff (permanent and fixed term contract) and four students representing each School.