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Applying For Ethics Approval

  1. Submit your proposal, all necessary attachments e.g. questionnaire, consent sheet, and Form C (both Application and Guidelines) to the R&D Office.
  2. The R&D Office will evaluate if the proposal needs to be technically reviewed.  If this is the case, the R&D Office will arrange with the relevant persons to coordinate the review process.
  3. Once the technical review is approved, the proposal will be reviewed for ethics aspects by at least one Ethics Committee members and one member from the Registry of Reviewers.  The Chair, Ethics Committee will decide on the selection of the reviewers.
  4. The reviewers will look into the overall and methodological ethics aspects.
  5. Upon approval, R&D office will prepare the approval letter. Approval letter should be signed by the reviewers and Chair, Ethics Committee.
  6. The approval letter will be sent to the applicant directly.
  7. Approved applications will be ratified in the subsequent Ethics Committee meeting.
  8. If the proposal is not approved for ethical issues, the proposals will be deliberated by the Ethics Committee during the Ethics Committee meeting and decision is made during the meeting.

Download Form C: Application for Approval of Research with Minimal Risk

Download Guidelines: Application for Approval of Research with Minimal Risk

More information on Curtin’s policies on human research ethics can be found here.  

Do remember to read the following guide to help in your application.