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Miri, Sarawak


Sarawak, on the north-western part of Borneo Island, is the largest, and may be considered the richest, of the 13 states / territories in the Federation of Malaysia. Miri is a modern, developed, safe city with modern infrastructure, excellent hotels and restaurants, comprehensive local and international banking facilities, multi-storey shopping malls as well as traditional stores and simpler craft and produce markets selling local specialties. Originally an oil town, Miri is now more renowned for its natural attractions and heritage and is becoming increasingly popular as an adventure / ecotourism destination. Miri enjoys warm equatorial weather with plenty of sunshine all year round. It is well serviced by road and air links and caters for regular flights to Kuching (the state capital) and Kuala Lumpur (the national capital) where travellers get connecting flights overseas.

The population of 230,000 people consists mainly of Chinese, Malay, Dayaks and various other ethnic groups. Bahasa Malaysia or Malay is the national language, however, English and Chinese are widely used in tourism and business. The people of Sarawak have a reputation for their warmth, friendliness and hospitality.