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Curtin University

Curtin University

Curtin Recreational Club (CRC) was initiated in September 2006, aiming to provide and promote unity and harmony at Curtin Sarawak. Since its inception Curtin Sarawak has attracted employees from around the world. CRC provides these employees a platform to get together and understand Sarawak’s rich culture. CRC is entrusted to organise activities that will foster social interaction amongst employees thus creating a harmonious work environment. 
CRC is made up of 16-18 committee members while all Curtin employees are members of the club. Membership is free. Committee members are voted to their seat by their peers to provide representation of all the departments. A committee takes seat in each August, developing and organising various activities that are healthy, fun and enjoyable. This one year term is fully supported by Curtin Sarawak, allocating a healthy yearly budget to reinforce staff morale.



• Raya Gathering • Family day • Annual dinner 2010- Night of the hats • Multi-festival gathering • Jogathon





A guy wakeboarding, just one of the prizes you may choose from.

CRC Amazing Race